About Us



Texas Brew Salsa was started around 2005 when our garden tomatoes produced so many we could not eat them all or give enough away. At the suggestion of my son-in-law I began to roast the tomatoes along with several other ingredients I had been experimenting with. One case of 12 pints would take about 5 hours to can. The result was amazing and worth the effort.

After attending a few get togethers where I took my salsa, people began requesting jars and said I should enter a salsa contest. In 2006 I entered the Scovies and placed 5th which was amazing to me. Still, I kept making it at home while trying to find someone who could duplicate the smoky somewhat caramelized roasted flavor achieved by roasting each ingredient on a grill. The possibility seemed almost impossible since the flavor was so unique; so, I continued making more and more until this year (2009) when we canned around 100 pints in order to meet the demand.

I often asked people how they could use so much salsa. Apparently it is easy because they put Texas Brew Honey Roasted Salsa not just on chips but in soups, casseroles, dips, grilling sauces to name a few. Check out our Recipe Booklet and you will see what I mean. Be sure and try our Savory Cheesecake. You will be amazed and so will your friends.

Realizing there was no way we could keep up with the demand, we tried one more time to find someone who could do what no one else had done before; recreate our deep smoky somewhat caramelized roasted flavor with just enough sweet to make you wonder.

Timing is everything, and this time we succeeded in finding the perfect co-packer. We began to have our Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa produced according to true authentic fire-roasted Mexican style by a reputable company in Houston, Texas. They were able match our slightly smoky, somewhat caramelized roasted flavor.

The journey began afresh and on September 11th, 2009 our first official batches of Texas Brew, Gourmet, All Natural Honey Roasted Salsa was produced. What a wonderful day to see all the years of work wrapped up in a label so indicative of Texas.

Within a week of having our salsa produced we were accepted into Green Fields Market in San Antonio and have been getting rave reviews along with great sales. Come on over and check us out. Now it is time to grow and become all we can be personally and for the state of Texas…to represent our state throughout the nation.

In 2011 we added Honey Roasted Peach, Honey Roasted Pineapple, and Hot Iron Habanero with plans for three new salsas (condiments) in the works.

We have done all the work and now it’s your turn to open a jar and “taste or should I say experience” for yourself the “Simply Salsalicious” Texas Brew-A Little Bit Of Texas In Every Jar.

I want to personally thank all those who have encouraged me over the last few years to take a chance…to step out of the boat and try. I look forward to hearing all your comments, suggestions, or ideas. I have always loved hearing from you and nothing has changed.

Take a look at our testimonies page and see what others are saying from Davenport, Iowa to Chicago, Illinois and from our own stomping grounds: Texas. Try a jar or two. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for all the support and for believing all things are possible. I personally want to thank my husband, Duane, for being my grill master, my web designer and all around “what do you need done” kind of guy. Also, many thanks to my friend and counselor Dr. Mark Jones for encouraging me to get out of the boat to try one more time.